Cayenne Pepper A Fat Burning Food

 When it comes to trying to lose weight, finding the right food burning foods that have the ability to multitask can really help with the battle. If the foods have healthy nutritional benefits and have the capability to boost energy levels as well, you've found a winner. Cayenne pepper isn't a gold medal Olympian in the weight loss battle, because you really can't make a meal out of it and while its weight loss capabilities on its own are limited it certainly does have value.

 The primary component in cayenne pepper that contributes to weight loss is a chemical called capsaicin, which is described as a thermogenic chemical that apparently has the capability of speeding up your metabolism by 25%. Studies also suggest that people who don't typically eat spicy fat burning foods (and this is even if they are taking it in pill form) tend to have a decreased appetite as well.

 There are multiple ways to incorporate cayenne into your everyday diet. The simplest is taking it once or twice a day in pill form. Some people that are little more aggressive will mix a teaspoon into water (occasionally with lemon and/or honey) and drink a tonic once or twice a day. Be aware that cayenne is a pretty spicy pepper if you're planning on trying this method. Adding a teaspoon or two to your food is also adequate.

 Regularly eating cayenne has many other benefits after its thermogenic properties, most of which involve and support digestive and cardiovascular health. It has a long history of being a bit of a cure-all in some cultures, has been used to treat anything from toothaches to migraines to blood clots. The pepper is also is popular for its cleansing/detox capabilities, and is currently being looked at as possible protection from certain types of cancer.

 As with all fat burning foods that have effects on weight loss, stay realistic. Consuming cayenne pepper alone won't melt away those extra pounds. It's meant to work with and support healthy eating habits and exercise, not replace them.