Different Types Of Excavators

There are several kinds of excavators used for various types of applications. Excavators differ in size, functionality and shapes but they basically serve the same purpose. Mainly they are industrial machines that are used to dig soil from the ground. Below are a few different kinds of excavators:


1. Suction excavators

They are also called as vacuum excavators. These excavators have a suction pipe which is used to suck away any loose debris and soil. These are usually used on delicate locations or situations that require careful and safe excavation. 

2. Long reach

These are also known as long arm excavators. As the name suggests they have long arms and boom sections. They are usually used for the demolition of buildings.

3. Crawlers and compact excavators

Crawlers are excavators with a high horse power. They are frequently used for heavy tasks and mining. Compact excavators are basically used to lift debris and extra soil using hydraulic power mechanisms.

4. Power shovels

They are also called front shovels or stripping shovels. These are considered as high end machines which are used for digging and mining.

5. Dragline

These kinds of excavators are bigger in size. They are usually used for large-scale applications like on-surfing mining or for expansive civil engineering. Earthmoving contractors in Brisbane often get these assembled on site. Big draglines are assembled on site because they weigh a lot and can damage roads so they are transported in parts.

These are a few excavators that are frequently used in construction and for earthmoving services.

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