Tips For Reviewing The Personal Injuries Offer

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After sending a personal injury claim to an insurance company, the next step is to receive a written offer from the part of an insurance adjuster or attorney. When this happens, you have to review the offer and decide to accept it, or make a counter-offer.

For many victims of car accidents it’s not easy to understand the real loss in terms of both resources and property, this is why you should also review the offer with the help of a skilled personal injury attorney. You can find a skilled attorney at Zwick Law at Orange Country.

These tips should also help you to review the initial offer.

1. Calculate your actual expenses;

2. Include in the amount of your anticipated future expenses;

3. Include any expenses due to the impossibility to work;

Calculate the sum of all these amounts and compare it with the amount offered by the insurance company. If you have to make a counter-offer, make sure to write a detailed letter explaining your actual loss and justify your request.

An advice to consider: don’t ever brag in public, or on social media, about the offer you received. This is also very unprofessional and it could also undermine your position in any future negotiations or in a future court case. 

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